Team Coaching

Do you want lead or be a member of a high performing team? Through coaching, a new or existing team can become a higher performing team.


A Team Coach Facilitates

  • A new group of people to form as a team
  • Common purpose
  • Clear and specific operational goals
  • Current reality to get clear on where the team is now and where the team wants to be
  • Exploring alternatives to bridge the gap between the current reality and the operational goals
  • The team’s action plan


Benefits of a High Performing Team

  • Working together towards achieving mutually accepted goals
  • Open communication channels
  • Members encourage and support one another
  • Flexibility – sharing and / or shifting of leadership roles
  • Know and utilise each member’s strengths
  • Mutual accountability for team results
  • Consistence – members work and perform to their potential on a consistent basis


“Team coaching with Marielle was an important step in our evolution.  In our continuous pursuit of being a remarkable company, we wanted to ensure that our team was ready for the challenge ahead.  Marielle was able to prepare us for exactly that.  Absolutely worth it!” – Naqsh (Nick) kochar, CEO at Refresh Inc.


Marielle is also a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MTI) practitioner. The MBTI inventory helps people understand themselves – what  motivates them, their natural strengths and potential areas for growth. Knowledge of individual differences will help teams identify each person’s unique talents and gifts that each person brings to the workplace which can help reduce conflict by increasing team effectiveness and cohesiveness.

Psychometrics MBTI Certified


Marielle Gauthier, certified Neuroleadership / Results Team Coach will help your team work better together to achieve business goals. Contact us.